A Fun Approach


As a Mom and veteran lifestyle photographer I understand how to work with kids and how to go with their flow to keep things fun. 


While I do take a series of lightly posed pictures, I believe the best photos come from documenting your life in a more natural photojournalistic way.


I capture you and your family interacting naturally and going about your business - strolling through your favorite park, relaxing in your home, running, playing and laughing. 


My "Guided Lifestyle" shoots are 1-2 hours in length and cover a selection of posed portraits and document natural interactions. This type of shoot is great for: annual family portraits, individual portraits, Seniors, couples etc.


I also offer a documentary/photojournalism style "A Day In Your Life" shoot that can be up to 12 hours in length. I move fluidly around you and your day documenting your life as well as the small details that help to capture your story. This could be any regular day in your life or a milestone day.

Our routine days are so much a part of the memories our children will hold dear. We so often will take a school run or Saturday at home playing for granted. This shoot celebrates that and turns a regular day into a fun adventure. 

Examples of a milestone day or activity: Birth, Bringing Home Baby, Baby's First Adventure, Birthday celebration, First Day of School, Graduation, Wedding, Staycation, Vacation, Family Reunion, etc.


Interested in documenting your vacation? The "A Day In Your Life" shoot is perfect for capturing all of your Portland fun. I love showing people around town and getting great photos of the whole family enjoying the city. Don't get home and realize that you don't have a single photo of the whole family. Let me help you to capture the whole family enjoying their vacation.



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