Frequently Asked Questions


I offer two ways for you to capture your story. Choose between a guided lifestyle portrait driven shoot and a documentary/family photojournalism style "A Day in Your Life" shoot. 


Your story is unique and special. I work really hard to create photographs and heirloom albums that reflect you and that you will love and cherish for years to come.


What is the "A Day In Your Life" shoot like?

This is my favorite kind of shoot! I love documentary style family photojournalism. This shoot covers up to 12 hours in your family's life. It could be a routine day, milestone birthday, special reunion, wedding, birth or bringing home baby. I move seamlessly with you through the day and capture your life as it happens. So often the small details in our lives get overlooked or taken for granted. This shoot is meant to document those details so you can celebrate them and preserve them for your children and future generations to enjoy. 


What is a typical Guided Lifestyle shoot like?

This shoot is 1 -2 hours in length. Great for annual family portraits, individual head shots, couples, Seniors and more. We will do a series of posed portraits and allow time to cover some documentary style photos. I will spend about 20-30 minutes on guided posed portraits and the rest of the time will be spent with me documenting family play time. During your pre shoot consultation we will talk about some things your family likes to do together. We can use that to plan a fun activity or location for your shoot. 


Where will our shoot take place?

I love to shoot families on their turf and welcome the challenge of new locations. I often shoot in homes, parks, schools etc. We can shoot a normal day from jammies to jammies at home, plan out a fun outing for the family or go through labor at a hospital. I really like planning out this part with my clients and getting to know more about places that are special to them.


When should I book a shoot to capture my Maternity?

Documenting this time in your life for you and your child is so important. You want to remember how you looked and felt. You want your child to be able to see where they came from. I suggest booking your shoot for when you are about 33-36 weeks along. This is a time when baby is still in a nice little ball right in front and Mommy is still comfortably moving. Plus there is that fantastic glow! We will chat and find a location in which you are comfortable, usually it is in the home. During your shoot I will spend some time focusing on Mommy and belly but we can bring in other family members if you would like. I like to give my families the time to pause life and just enjoy being together. Big brothers and sisters just love to help show off the belly and it is a great time to get a few shots of the family before the new little one makes an appearance.


Do you shoot births?

I am beyond honored to be asked to be a part of some of the most transformational moments that life can offer. As a Mom to a five year old I know what it is to go through the journey of labor and birth. A birth can be a whirlwind of activity, a collection of special friends and family and precious details you want to remember forever. The last thing you need to worry about on the day that your child is born is if you are getting good photos that will help you remember everything about what is going on. I can help you to document your story and help to get those timeless photos that you will be proud to display and show off.


What do you charge for Births?

Time and coverage for births can vary depending on when you would like me to be present during your labor and delivery process and/or how long you would like me to be present after the birth. I offer a documentary style "A Day In Your Life" shoot that offer up to 12 hours of coverage. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your vision for what you would like captured on your special day. 


What is a typical Hello Baby Shoot like?

Newborn shoots are almost exclusively done at home. Comfort for my clients is key, especially new little ones. You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home and you have everything on hand that baby needs. I have everything we need to be able to create photo magic right in your home. I love using natural light and techniques that are gentle and soothing to a newborn. We will allow time for baby to eat and for changing sets, props.. oh and diapers. Quite often they sleep right through most of it. I have a variety of little props and items that we can use or often I will take things from baby’s room or your home that give your images that memorable and personal touch.


Do I need to do anything to prepare my house for a shoot?

More than prepare your house just prepare for me to move things around a bit. I don’t want you to think that you have to make every part of your house picture perfect. When I arrive, we will spend a little time looking around your home for the appropriate back grounds and where the best light might be. We can to that on the day of the shoot or prior if you would like. The setting might be in the living room, a hallway or even the kitchen. In the case of a newborn I almost always will have on some white noise and sometimes a space heater to keep them nice and toasty. I just ask for flexibility and by all means if you would like I can stop by before hand and we can make a plan so you have a better idea of where in your home I might set up.


What is a typical Baby/Toddler Shoot like?

Much like the newborn shoot this focuses on the baby but can include other immediate family. We can plan out a fun little set up that can highlight a milestone like sitting up, standing or 1st Birthday. I also will use items from previous shoots to highlight baby’s growth.


Do you do head shots or Senior portraits?

Yes! We will work together to capture the look and feel you want for your project. Need head shots for the whole office? Let’s chat and we can discuss my group rates.


What is a typical Family Shoot like?

I work with every family to plan out their shoot. I have planned out themed shoots for holiday cards, relaxed annual family portraits, generational celebrations the list goes on. The most important thing is to work towards your vision for your family’s needs. 


Do you shoot life events like weddings, reunions or birthdays?

I love to be a part of parties and often help the hostess to capture details of their hard work that would otherwise be overlooked. It can be so hard if you are throwing the party to get the kind of photos you want to get. Your too busy making sure everything is going smoothly. I take care of helping you to get the photos you want while giving you piece of mind. 


What happens after the shoot? How do I see my photos?

At your shoot we will set a date for your Viewing and Ordering party. During your I will reveal your photos to you and help you to curate and choose your favorites. I will then help you through the ordering process. With a "Your Story Collection" shoot you will also receive a unique access code for an online gallery where you can view and post your favorite images directly to your social online pages.


How long will it take for me to see my photos?

At your shoot we will set the date for your Viewing and Ordering party. Typically Viewing and Ordering parties are scheduled two weeks from the shoot date but during busy times it could be up to four weeks. Some special projects and events can take only days or up to 6 weeks. I like to work with each client to schedule their viewing in a timely and convenient manner.


How do I see my project gallery online?

If you purchase a "Your Story Collection" or online gallery, you will receive a personal gallery access ID. From any page on the website you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “client access” area. You will see that you can enter the access ID that you are given and it will take you directly to your personal page. Click on the gallery you wish to see and you will see all of the photos from that shoot. Click on an individual photo and you have a bunch of options for viewing, purchasing and sharing.


Can I share photos to my social media spots like Facebook?

Yes! Each gallery and photo have options to share located directly below the photo or at the top and bottom of the page. Another way to share your shoot is to link directly to your gallery or a blog post from this website.


What’s this about a blog post?

I often will use a recent shoot for the subject of a post on my blog. I like to use photos that you select as some of your favorites and give a little summary of our day together. It helps me to show other families how we can work together and it gives you a handy little way to share with your favorites with friends and family in a neat way without the need to share each photo separately.


Can I order prints online or just through you?

Gift prints and products are available for purchase after your Viewing and Ordering party. You can have them delivered directly to your home or have them sent straight to family. Just be prepared to have to order more once everyone sees how cute they are. Or just share the link with family and friends and they can order what they want and have it delivered to them. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in a product that is not on the list. 


What size albums, prints and what kind of products do you offer?

I offer a range of albums, prints and special products. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a full pricing list. Gift prints and products can be listed in your online gallery and are reviewed with you during your Viewing and Ordering party.


How much do you charge for prints and digital files?

My goal is to help families to curate a collection of their favorite images and turn them into heirloom art that can be passed down for generations. A typical 1-2 hour shoot will yield 40-50 images and it is very common for families to want all of their photos. Please contact me for a full pricing list.


What if I want a print size or a product I don’t see on your list?

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have interesting in printing something you don’t see. Larger prints and wall art pieces require further preparation for print and I work carefully with the labs through the whole process. I have a variety of professional level labs and printing companies that I work with to provide you with top of the line items. Please to not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in anything that you may not see listed in your gallery.


What print labs do you use?

I have access to a variety of professional level labs across the country that create archival professional level work and maintain a certain level of quality in their customer service. These are not Walgreens, Target or Costco type prints that will fade in five years but 100 year archival professional level prints and products. I carefully select from each lab the different print sizes, paper options, products and even themes based on who has the best options or does the best work in that particular product. I welcome any feedback on any purchase because it helps me to maintain the highest level of quality control with all of my partner labs.


If I book a shoot is there a contract to sign?

Yes. We will sign a contract that lays out all of my obligations to you and yours to me. Each shoot has its own contract and cover both parties in a variety of ways. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to review a copy of my current contract.